Collaboration with the exhibition Tuiza by Federico Guzmán

/ 2015 Palacio de Cristal, MNCARS. Madrid. Curator: João Fernandes

Collaboration with the exhibition of Federico Guzmán. Palacio de Cristal, MNCARS – The Sahara is like a sea of silence where there are people resisting their exile. In the daily routine the waiting becomes less painful when the water becomes the drink making the words flow. It is the moment of the tea ceremony in the haimas. Federico Guzmán and Pilar Millán met for the first time in person in the Sahara on November 3, 2014, in the Refugee Camp for Saharawians 27 of February in Tindouf for creating this audio. Both artists were at this time immersed in the concept of the fabric as a container (means, vehicle, facilitator) for social contacts, communication. The cooperation between Federico Guzmán and Pilar Millán is an audio recreating the humming of the the tea kettle over the fire and the rhythmic echo of the glasses on the metal tablet, the sound of life in the haima.

Palacio de Cristal, MNCARS. Madrid, from April 16th to August 30th 2015