Politicizations Of Discontent

/ 2017 Arts Santa Mònica. Barcelona. Curators: Nora Ancarola, Daniel Gasol and Laia Manonelles

Politicizations Of Discontent stems from a desire to examine in depth other ways of managing discontent via creative processes, shaping an itinerary structured around various experiences that define discontent in terms of its collective, political dimension, returning to society what society itself makes invisible. In today’s society discontent is mainly treated through psychiatry and behaviourist psychology, which encourage medical solutions to unease and favour passive treatment.

In the face of this progressive alienation, imposed by hegemonic institutions, art can provide an effective route for seeking other ways to relate to unease, for playing an active, responsible role regarding our own condition.

These creative processes for managing discontent, applied individually and collectively, politically and through participation, show how art becomes a tool for channelling conflict. The relationship between the personal and the public, inked to the concept of “The personal is political” and the “ethics of care”, connects to the creation of “other ways” of managing and politicising unease through creative work, thus fostering critical thought.

This collection provides an approach to different projects and activities that have already been carried out by artists Francesc Abad, Nora Ancarola / Marga Ximénez, Pep Dardanyà, Domènec, Núria Güell, José Maria Martín, Pilar Millán, Matilde Obradors, Carlos Pina, Maria Ruido and Eulàlia Valldosera, with a view to highlighting and sharing the management of unease and vulnerability from various angles, in all of which the process, commitment and an element of cooperation are essential.