La noche de Max Estrella

/ 2011 - 2013 Coproducción CAT Centro Andaluz de Teatro and CDG Centro Dramático Galego Direction: Francisco Ortuño Images and scenography

Visual space for the play The Night of Max Estrella, an adaptation of Valle-Inclán’s Bohemian Lights. These are abstract images that interpret the subconscious of the main character in this universal work. Commissioned by CAT and CDG, the visual space for the play is made up of projections of pieces created in video, photography and paint on paper which, in the words of Margarita Santos:

“(…) create the mental reality of Max Estrella, his perception of the world around him, which the spectator appropriates to share with him, thanks to these images: clever artistic abstraction of the blind poet’s interior world which is the cause and effect of a complex exterior to which Max reacts.”

CDG Centro Dramático Galego
CAT Centro Andaluz de Teatro

Interpretation: Carlos Álvarez-Nóvoa (Max Estrella). Script and direction: Francisco Ortuño. Dramaturgy: Rafael Abolafia. Music and sound: Isaac Garabatos. Images (painting, digital photography and video) and scenography collaboration: Pilar Millán.